It’s time to talk about the future

Why we need a Low Traffic Future

A low traffic future is one in which children can play in the streets, where neighbours can socialise, and young and old alike can get out and about easily, without needing to drive everywhere.

It is a world with cleaner air, safer streets, excellent public transport networks, great walking and cycling provision. It would be good for our health and that of our streets and communities, our economy and our environment.


This is estimated to cost the UK economy £30 billion a year

Air Pollution

Pollution is estimated to hasten between 28,000 and 36,000 deaths annually in the UK, at an economic cost of £20bn or more. The UK Government has lost three court cases over its failure to keep pollution within legal limits.

Road Danger

The cost of road deaths and injuries in 2018 was estimated to be £35bn.

Physical Inactivity

Inactivity-related ill health costs the UK around £7.4bn annually.

Greenhouse Gases

Transport is now the largest emitting sector of the UK economy, with pre-pandemic emissions levels in 2019 being only 5% below those in 1990. Most of this consists of CO2 emissions from road transport. Increases in road traffic (and particularly van traffic), and increases in vehicle size, have offset the benefits of more fuel-efficient engines.

How we get there

How we get there

To achieve a Low Traffic Future we need a holistic view of transport across our nation. Here’s a snapshot of our thinking.