It’s time to talk about the future

It’s time to talk about the future

Do you dream of a Low Traffic Future, with clean air, safe streets and vibrant communities?

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We are Low Traffic Future

Low Traffic Future is an alliance of individuals and organisations, calling for transformative change

We would like to see our roads, streets and transport networks planned differently, giving us real choices in how we go about our daily lives. We want it to be easy and enjoyable to get around by walking, wheeling or cycling, and for public or shared transport to be cheaper and more accessible. This will make day-to-day journeys good for our health, our communities, our economy and our environment.

What do we want?


Redesigning our streets to be safe for people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities


Cheaper and better public and shared transport services


Planning new housing and other developments with local services in mind, all of which are fully accessible by walking, wheeling and regular public transport


Focussing spending on healthy, sustainable and accessible transport choices

Our vision is a world where fewer journeys need to be made by car, van or lorry, so that we all benefit from cleaner air, safer streets, more vibrant communities, a stable climate and a healthy natural environment.

How we get there

How we get there

To achieve a Low Traffic Future we need a holistic view of transport across our nation. Here’s a snapshot of our thinking.

Ready to join the alliance?

Ready to join the alliance?

Our aim is to build a movement of individuals and organisations to press for action locally and nationally to reduce society’s dependence on private motor vehicles, by transforming how we plan our roads, streets and transport networks, to give people real choices in how they go about their daily lives.