Upcoming Event


Greening Transport in Your Area
Shaping your Local Transport Plan

The Birmingham & Midland Institute
Sat, 18 November 2023 10:00 – 17:00 BST

Do you want to see better public transport, safer streets, excellent walking and cycling conditions, fewer lorries, cleaner air and a less car-dependent transport system in your local area – whether urban or rural?

If so, Low Traffic Future are delighted to announce a series of regional events in England, to help guide campaigners through the fascinating world of your Local Transport Plan (LTP).

LTPs are an important part of transport planning in England. Local and Combined Authorities are expected to prepare them as forward-looking plans covering a number of years, and present them to the Department for Transport.

These events are an opportunity to find out how you can grasp this opportunity to press for a low traffic future in your area. You will also get to meet others with similar interests and share experiences of effective ways to build alliances, engage with your council and make good use of conventional and social media.